At the Cognition, Brain, & Language Lab our mission is to uncover how the brain works to support our most human-like skills: thinking and communicating. Our goals are to investigate the functional neural organization of these networks in neurotypicals and to better understand how they may change after a traumatic brain injury, such as concussion. Through this research, our lab aims to prepare undergraduate research assistants for future careers in science, medicine, research, and clinical practice.

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CBL Lab in the News

October 2019
Northeast Concussion Summit featured in BW Exponent
February 2018
Lab featured in BW Exponent
January 2018
CBL featured on BW news
September 2017
Dr. Ledwidge speaks on Ohio NPR about concussions
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November 2018
Lab publishes paper in Journal of Neuroscience Education
July 2018
Dr. Ledwidge publishes paper on Sports-concussion and language
March 2018
Dr. Ledwidge joins editorial board at Annals of Behavioral Neuroscience
March 2018
CBL Lab presents language research at CNS in Boston
May 2018
RA, Adam Ramsey, defends PSY thesis, graduates with honors
June 2018
Visiting RA Andrew Mizerowski, joins CBL Lab from UofM for summer research
September 2018
Dr. Ledwidge speaks on CTE panel following Cleveland screenplay, "Down By Contact"
September 2018
Ramsey presents thesis research at mGluRs
November 2018
CBL and BW Speech Clinic receive grant to fund concussion education and research
October 2019
Northeast Ohio Concussion Summit Review
December 2019
Student researchers inducted into Dayton C. Miller Honor Society
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Cognition, Brain, & Language Lab

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