Our Team

Patrick Ledwidge, Ph.D.

Dr. Ledwidge is currently Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Baldwin Wallace University and Director of the Cognition, Brain, & Language Lab. He received his Bachelors of Arts from DePauw University and both his Masters of Arts and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska. His research uses neuroimaging and behavioral methods to study intersections between cognition and language in neurotypical adults, children, and those recovering from traumatic brain injury. He teaches courses on behavioral statistics, psychophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, and neurocognitive disorders. His hobbies include running, cycling, and traveling with his black Labrador, Cash.

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Student Researchers


Alexis Semanik, B.S. '19

Graduate Research Assistant

Studying Master's in Speech-Language Pathology


David Peita, B.A. '21

Post-Bac Research Associate

Major: Music Therapy

Minor: Neuroscience

Research Interest: Cognitive neuroscience, music cognition


Elizabeth Castro

Research Assistant

Major: Psychology, Neuroscience

Graduation Year: 2022

Research interests: cognitive neuroscience, medicine, and memory